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When you see a need, fill it.
Our Story…

In 2005, Peter Greenwood was a 20 year-old bone cancer survivor with an above-the-knee amputation. He had always been active and would be able to thrive with one of the new generation prosthetic legs. But Pete’s insurance didn’t cover it.  A group of people in the Spring Green and greater River Valley community saw a need. They knew that if they could find a way to raise between $40,000 and $50,000, they could buy Pete a leg that could change his life. They went to work.  Several months later, what began as a project grew into a movement. Peter had a new leg and a new life. The community far exceeded its original goal, raising enough money to give birth to the organization now known as 4PeteSake.

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January 17th, 2017

Spring Application Deadline is March 14th. Recipients will be notified by March 31st.

January 2017
New Website Launch

March 2017
Spring application deadline: March 14th
Recipient Notification: March 31st

August 2017
Day in the Park*

October 2017
Fall Funding Round*

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